Online Scheduling for Parent-Teacher Conferences at Repetto

This school year, parents are now using an online app called Calendy for scheduling purposes as well as keeping up with the school calendar. Most recently, the app was utilized for the scheduling of parent-teacher conferences, which proved to much more efficient than previous methods. Parents were invited via email by their child’s teacher, to view the calendar and select an available appointment for each of their children. This new form of scheduling was widely accepted by both parents and teachers, who were able to coordinate their busy schedules quicker and easier while taking the responsibility of scheduling off the teachers and allowed parents the opportunity to select the dates for counseling that work for them.

Calendy works by each teacher sending out a link to all K-5 parents of their homeroom students. Parents with more than one child receive an email from all of their children’s teachers. Parents then simply click on the link provided and select the day and times that are available and fit into their schedule. After scheduling a conference parents receive a confirmation via email. Reminders are sent to parents 1-2 days prior to the scheduled conferences.

Those parents who didn’t have Internet access came to the school office to complete the task. If necessary, school community coordinators help work with parents online to schedule. Repetto staff felt the process was quite successful and look forward to continuing the online scheduling for next year.