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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Dr. Wendy Molina-Solis, Director of MTSS
Kimberly Carrillo, Executive Secretary
Spring 2022 Gifted and Talented Endorsement Classes-EDUC 5620- Assessment  in Gifted Education
The Goal of GATE in AUSD

AUSD is committed to differentiate instruction for students who qualify for gifted and talented education.  We aim to include ALL identified students so that the AUSD GATE population is one that is racially, socioeconomically, linguistically and culturally diverse.  AUSD commits to providing staff and parents high-quality training so that differentiated opportunities for learning that meet students' unique abilities and talents occur in the classroom with support at home. 

GATE Identification Process:

GATE identification begins in 3rd grade.  All 3rd grade students have the opportunity to be tested in 3rd grade, students in 4th - 8th grades may be tested by teacher referral or parent request.  Parents or guardians interested in having their child GATE tested in grades 4 or above should contact their school site or fill out the request below.


GATE Assessment:

Students in grades 4th-8th are assessed using the online version of the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). The OLSAT is a nationally standardized, norm-referenced, group administered measure of verbal and non-verbal school abilities. Test outcomes determine whether or not a child qualifies for GATE under High Achievement. Students who score within a certain range on the OLSAT but do not qualify for GATE will also be administered the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test which measures a student's problem-solving and seasoning abilities without relying on their language skills. All 3rd grade students, with passive parent consent, will be administered the Naglieri first. If the student scores within a range of qualifying for GATE, then they may be administered the OLSAT. The District's GATE Director and qualified staff review all assessment results and based on either the OLSAT's or Naglieri's eligibility criteria, determine qualification for GATE.


GATE Recommendation Form:

If you would like to recommend your child/student for GATE testing, use the following link and submit it to your school principal or teacher by the deadline listed below. The District will review all parent/teacher recommendations. Teachers, administrators and parents may use the same form to recommend students for GATE testing.

Gate Recommendation Form


GATE Identification Timeline:

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) – Elementary Programs – ABC Unified  School District



Aug. 13-Sept. 13, 2024

GATE Plans developed for current Students

Sept. 13, 2024

GATE Plans due to AP for review (soft deadline- no submission)

Sept. 23-27, 2024

GATE Plans are shared with parents/guardians and feedback is received during conferences. Parent signature is obtained. Copy provided to parents.

Oct. 4, 2024

Signed GATE Plans in Unified Insights complete for site AP review and verification.

Oct. 25, 2024

Deadline for teachers & parents to submit students' names (grades 4-8) for potential GATE testing.

Nov. 12- Dec. 13, 2024

OLSAT & Naglieri Testing Window

Jan. 24, 2025

District notification of OLSAT/Naglieri Results to families

Feb. 7, 2025

Mid-Year GATE Plans due for newly identified students


GATE Classroom Differentiation:
Elementary students who are identified as GATE receive differentiated instruction within their classrooms, leveled grouping in Strategic Teaming, and site-based Universal Access program offerings.   High school students may receive specialized learning through the Honors and AP program offerings, as well as possible differentiated instruction in the classrooms. AUSD does NOT provide Pull-out GATE programs or cohort classes, however enrichment opportunities are embedded throughout the school day. 


Parent Consent for GATE Testing:

If it is determined that your child may be GATE tested, a Parent Consent for GATE Assessment must be obtained, signed and returned to the school site for all 4th-8th students.  A passive consent is received for 3rd grade students.  The screening process and recommendation must be documented by the due date prior to obtaining the required parent consent. 


Requesting your child's GATE Assessment Results:

In accordance to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, parents/guardians may request a copy of their child's GATE assessment results through written request.  However, AUSD sends all parents/guardians a copy of the results in early spring, should you require an additional copy, please submit a written request using this link and email it to [email protected].


GATE Parent Collaboratives:

Parent collaboratives are open for parents/guardians of GATE students to learn and collaborate with us regarding our GATE programming. All parents/guardians wishing to learn more about GATE and how to differentiate learning and experiences for GATE students both at home and school are welcome to join us.

Flyer for all 24-25 Parent GATE Workshops

  • September 17, 2024 virtual from 6pm-7:00pm
  • November 12, 2024 in person from 5-6pm
  • March 11, 2025 in person from 5-6pm


GATE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Do you group GATE students together?

A.  No, our classroom groupings are inclusive of all types of learners.


Q.  Do you have a GATE school or classroom like other districts?

A.  AUSD does not offer GATE schools nor does it cluster GATE students into a classroom.


Q.  Are teachers trained to differentiated for GATE students?

A.  The district now offers afterschool voluntary training for teachers to differentiate instruction for GATE learners.  


Q.  What if I want to know how my child is doing with his/her GATE plan?

A.  Make an appointment to discuss progress with your child's teacher.


Q.  Will AUSD offer the virtual GATE classes again?

A.  For now, yes.  It is planned to offer the GATE classes virtually in the spring.


Q.  The Virtual GATE classes were too short.  Can these be extended?

A.  For now, the GATE classes will remain at 6-8 weeks.


Q.  Can the GATE after school classes be offered in person if the school has 30+ GATE students?

A.  In order to provide equitable GATE services throughout the district, GATE classes will only be offered virtually.  


Q.  What does GATE look like in High School?

A.  We do not have a GATE program in HS.  The offerings GATE students may participate in include honors and advanced placement courses.


Q.  Are GATE students automatically enrolled in honors or Advanced Placement courses in High School?

A.  No, students need to enroll in these classes when they meet with their counselors for High School registration in the spring.


Q.  What if we want more after school options for our GATE students, like in person classes?

A.  This is something parents may bring up at Coffee with the Principal with your site administration.  The district is currently offering virtual enrichment classes in the spring.


Q.  Are the virtual GATE classes mandatory for GATE students?

A.  No, these are enrichment and solely voluntary for our GATE students. 


Q.  Are public schools required to test or serve private school students?
A.  No. (


Q.  My child was not selected for the GATE program at my school. What should I do if I believe my child is capable of an accelerated program?
A.  Since California law places GATE programming under "local control" you may wish to inquire with the school district's GATE coordinator about why your child was not  selected.  Ultimately, the decision will be left to the district. (


Q.  Will local educational agencies (LEAs) be required to provide differentiated curriculum for students identified as gifted and talented within the regular school day per California Education Code (EC) Section 52206 and Title 5 Section 3840?
A.  In response to LCFF legislation, California Senate Bill 971 (signed into law September 2014) repealed all previous EC that referred to GATE as a categorical program. The language contained in EC sections 52200–52212 is no longer in effect. LEAs may determine program guidelines and policies regarding all aspects of GATE. (


Q.  Has the State of California eliminated GATE funding?
A.  GATE as a categorical funding stream was eliminated with the passage of the LCFF.  Many LEAs have continued to fund their GATE programs under the LCFF but whether to expand, maintain, or suspend GATE programs is a local decision. (


Previous (22-23 & 23-24) GATE Parent Online Workshops:

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Non-AUSD Endorsed GATE Resources and Programs:

There are many opportunities designed specifically for gifted and talented students in the elementary, middle, and high school grades. Alhambra USD does NOT endorse any of the programs and companies mentioned in the links provided below. There are offered as resources for parents and educators to explore.   Any specific questions you may have about these opportunities, please contact the companies noted in the links directly.


Center for Gifted Education


National Association for the Gifted (NAGC)


California Association for the Gifted


Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted


World Council for Gifted and Talented Children


The Associated for the Gifted


International Gifted Consortium (IGC)


Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth


Davidson Institute for Talent Development


Center for Talent Development