Earl Carrasco, Director, Business Services TEL 626-943-6530
Nancy Hernandez, Administrative Secretary, Fiscal Services FAX 626-943-8041


Vince Chan                                                                

Sharon Luu                                                                

Huy Phan 

Principal Account Clerk        


Account Clerk Technicians                                      

Edward Huynh      

William Ye

Accounts Receivable                                                

David Lazarus

Accounts Payable                 

Michelle Carranza (Vendors A – K)

Joyce Estrada (Vendors L – Z)


Virginia Hinson


Vendors: Please send all invoices for payment to [email protected]


Developer Fees will be done by Appointment Only: 

Please call David Lazarus at 626-943-6528 to schedule an appointment. 

Developer Fees information in Compliance with Government Code Section 65995

The fees are:

  • Residential: $3.79 per square ft.
  • Commercial/Industrial:  $0.61 per square ft.
  • Hotel/Motel: $0.56 per square ft.

For City of Alhambra, you will need to bring in your Building Permit Application.

For City of Monterey Park, you will need to bring in a certificate of compliance with fee provisions.