Due to Covid-19 the following:
We do not have staff picking up mail sent to our post office box.
Please send all correspondence to:
1515 W. Mission Road
Alhambra, CA 91803
TEL 626-943-6530
FAX 626-943-8041
Juanita Orta, Director of Fiscal Services
Nancy Hernandez, Administrative Secretary 
Maria Aguirre, Senior Account Clerk
Anita Celis, Senior Account Clerk
Vince Chan, Accountant
Virginia Hinson, Project Technician
David Lazarus, Account Clerk Technician
Maegan Mungcal, Account Clerk Technician
Nancy Naranjo, Account Clerk Technician
Huy Phan, Accountant
Martha Rojas, Accountant
Student Body Account Clerks
Esther Cai
Anaiss Hernandez
Dena Monsivais

Developer Fees will be done by Appointment Only, please call our office to schedule an appointment.


Developer Fees information in Compliance with Government Code Section 65995


The fees are:    

$3.79 per sq. ft. for Residential

$0.61 per sq. ft. for Commercial Development

$0.56 per sq. ft for Hotel/Motel


For City of Alhambra you will need to bring in your Building Permit Application.

For City of Monterey Park you will need to bring in a certificate of compliance with fee provisions.