Human Resources

1515 West Mission Road, Alhambra, California 91803

Marengo Building



To discover, retain, and develop quality personnel in support of all learners in a positive and productive working environment in the Alhambra Unified School District.


To better serve you, we encourage you to contact us through email or by calling our direct line with your questions pertaining to your employment with the Alhambra Unified School District.  Please see our contact information and a list of most common requested transactions below.



John Scanlan

Assistant Superintendent-Human Resources
(626) 943-3060

[email protected]

Stacie Colman-Hsu

Director-Human Resources
(626) 943-3070
[email protected]



Karen Lucero
Human Resources Administrative Secretary

(626) 943-3072

§  Assistant to Asst. Supt. of HR

§  Certificated and Advisor PTRs & Board Items

§  ATA Negotiations Coordinator

§  Mgmt. Leave of Absences




Cristina Gamino
Human Resources Administrative Secretary
(626) 943-3061

[email protected]

§  Assistant to Director of HR

§  Classified and Coaching PTRs & Board Items

§  CSEA Negotiations Coordinator

§  Fingerprinting Coordinator

§  AUSD Email Access for Non-District 



Lisa Fernandez
Human Resources Analyst
(626) 943-3065

[email protected]

§  Certificated/Mgmt. On-boarding

§  Certificated Leave of Absences, Retirements, Resignations, Transfer Requests

§  Certificated Teaching Credentials

§  Certificated Transcript Evaluation



Stephanie Sanchez
Human Resources Technician

(626) 943-3074

[email protected]

§      Classified On-boarding

§ Classified Leave of Absences, Retirements, Resignations, Transfer Requests

§       Classified & Coaching Certification and Licenses


Alma Moreno
Human Resources Technician
(626) 943-3062

[email protected]

§  Job Posting and Recruitment

§  Testing of Classified Candidates

§  Interview Coordinator



Sandra Vigil
Human Resources Technician
(626) 943-3075

[email protected]

§  Substitute Coordinator
(except: Custodial & Inst. Aide)

§  Gateway Interns

§  Testing of Volunteers


Amy Chou
Human Resources Analyst II

(626) 943-3064

[email protected]

§  Cert/Mgmt. Employment Verifications

§  Cert/Mgmt. Salary Inquiries

§  Cert/Mgmt. Address/Phone Changes

§  The Standard & Amer. Fidelity Disability Forms

§  AUSD Email Account Accessibility for Certificated and Management


Jacqueline Galvan
Human Resources Technician
(626) 943-3071

[email protected]

§  Classified Employment Verifications

§  Classified Salary Inquiries

§  Classified Address/Phone Changes

§  TB Testing Requirement & Renewal

§  Withdraws from NBS (National Benefits Services)

§  American Fidelity Employer Report forms

§  AUSD Email Accounts Accessibility for Classified Employees