Elizabeth Roman, Purchasing Manager - Purchasing 626-943-6570
Purchasing is located at 1515 W. Mission Road, Alhambra, CA  91803 (Mission Building)
Marissa Valarao, Senior Buyer 
Christine Villalpando, Senior Buyer 
Mina Romero, Buyer
Leina Chang, Administrative Clerk II
Julian Lopez, Warehouse Foreman 626-943-6579
Albert Mendoza, Warehouse 626-943-3517
Keith Sandoval, Warehouse & FNS
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1262-21/22 Fremont Roofing
1259-21/22 - The District has rejected all bids.  The Fremont Roofing Project will be rebid as a formal bid. 
1261-21/22 Park EEC Tenant Improvement (Replacing 1260-21/22)
1261-21/22 JobWalk Attendees
1261-21/22 Addendum #1
1261-21/22 RECAP
1257-20/21 Park EEC - Rebid for Roofing Only (to 7/12 Jobwalk attendees only) 
1257-20/21 Jobwalk Attendees
1257-20/21 Final Addendum
1257-20/21 RECAP
RFQ #1256-20/21 - Request for Prequalification Package 
                             RECENT CLOSED BIDS
1255-20/21 AUSD District Warehouse Abatement
1251-20/21 AUSD Network Operations Center HVAC
1250-20/21 Moor Field Upgrades
1249-20/21 Park ES Bldg. "B" Attic Space Abatement Project
IFB#1248-20/21 Bus Transportation Services
RFP#1247-20/21 Property Management Services
Informal Bid#1246-20/21 San Gabriel High School Abatement
INFORMAL BID#1244-20/21 VMF Parking and Access Project
RFQ/P #1243-20/21 Vehicle Maintenance Facility Project 
1242-20/21 Park ES Bldg B Attic Space Abatement - rebid
RFQ/P 1241-20/21 Information Technology Consulting Services
RFQ/P 1240-20/21 SoCalREN HVAC EMS Upgrades
#1234-001 Marguerita ES Modernization - Request for Subcontractors Bid