Technology & Information Services

Ashton Potter, Director I Technology and Information Services
Susan Yu, Executive Secretary I
Office: 626-943-3030
Technology Trainers
Kimberly Morinaka, Instructional Specialist
Doris Gorski, Instructional Specialist
Technology Support / Development / Engineering
Michael Bang, Network Technician
Jose Castro Romero, Computer Technician
Jason Diep, Network Technician
Liezel Gutierrez, Network Technician
Hector Lopez, Network Technician
Jason Trinh, Micro Computer Programmer
Paul Hsieh,  Micro Computer Analyst
Eric Kwan, Micro Computer Analyst
Marco Laroya, Programmer Analyst
James Johnston, Network Analyst
Steve Ye, Network Analyst
Helen Laroya, Student Info System Technician
Lourdes Freire, Research Attendance Technician
Romeo Anselmo, Programmer Analyst
David Chen, Programmer Analyst
Robert Rodriguez, Programmer Analyst

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