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Equity and Accountability

Dr. Lily Jarvis
Director of Educational Equity and Accountability
Vivian Tade, Executive Secretary
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Vision 

At the heart of Alhambra Unified School District’s mission to educate and empower all students to succeed is our living social justice vision of equity-diversity-inclusion for all members of our community. We are dedicated to building a safe, bias-free district in a culture of respect, dignity, and trust where we prepare students as active agents of their multicultural society.


To ensure that every student believes in his or her capacity to achieve, we fully embrace our rich, diverse community as expressed through race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, immigration status, language background, language proficiency, and family structure.


The Alhambra Unified School District is committed to the success of each student by eliminating bias through education and abandoning attitudes of prejudice against any group. We promote trust and belonging, and commit ourselves to listen actively, to learn openly, and to examine and question our privilege and tolerance.  In a culture of dignity and mutual respect, all students will be provided with equitable learning opportunities that value differences and promote acceptance and diversity.

We recognize that this living vision requires continual learning, growth, change, hard work, and vigilance to realize and sustain. This statement therefore reflects not only who we are but also who we seek to become as an equitable, diverse, and inclusive district community.

Educational Equity Explained


Alhambra Unified School District is committed to the pursuit of a more equitable and just anti-racist education system.  Please take a moment to browse the resources below made available by the Los Angeles County Office of Education.