Dual Language Immersion Program

Please watch our video to learn more about the benefits of bilingual education

Alhambra Unified School District offers two rigorous and dynamic dual language immersion programs. Spanish Dual Language Immersion at Fremont Elementary School and Mandarin Dual Language Immersion at Northrup Elementary School. During the 2024-25 school year, AUSD will expand to include TK and 8th grade in both languages.  



Mandarin Dual Language Tours - For Enrollment 2024-25

Are you interested in attending our Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program? Please register to attend a tour for the 2024-25 school year. 

  1. 9/21/2023 Thursday 星期四 (親臨學校參觀)
  2. 10/26/2023 Thursday 星期四 (親臨學校參觀)
  3. 12/7/2023 Thursday 星期四 (親臨學校參觀)
  4. 12/15/2023 Friday 星期五 ( Virtually via Zoom) 網上參觀 https://zoom.us/j/97628529761?pwd=eE95Rzl5VS9OUTI0N21SRTdlckMvQT09
  5. 1/25/2024 Thursday 星期四 (親臨學校參觀)
  6. 3/1/2024 Friday 星期五 (Virtually via Zoom) 網上參觀 https://zoom.us/j/97628529761?pwd=eE95Rzl5VS9OUTI0N21SRTdlckMvQT09
Fremont Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Spanish program
Tour dates: In Person: October 24, November 14, December 12, 
Virtual (zoom): January 30
All times at 10am.
This is for NEW families interested in the DLI program.
Register to attend a tour: RSVP form
Priority for Acceptance
Acceptance of applicants is based on the following:
Priority #1 - Students with a sibling currently enrolled in the DLIP
Priority #2 - Students whose school of residence corresponds with the site of the DI program
Priority #3 - Students who reside within the Alhambra Unified School District boundaries . 
Priority #4 - Students who are the children of AUSD employees.
Priority #5 - Students who reside outside of the Alhambra Unified School District boundaries  (A release from your child's district of residence is required).
Partner Language Assessment
As a means of ensuring success in our two-way dual immersion programs, we strive to balance our classrooms with equal representation of: 
1) native language speakers of the partner language, 
2) students who are bilingual - English and the partner language, and 
3) English dominant students.  
All prospective students who indicate that they are native language speakers of the partner language or bilingual in English and the partner language will be assessed in February.  
Virtual Public Lottery for Incoming Kindergarten Students
We will hold our virtual public lottery each spring. Students who do not get a seat will be placed on a waiting list. 
Enrollment for Students in Grades 1st - 8th
Please contact the DLIP school directly.
Spanish DLIP - Fremont Elementary School https://www.fremontelementary.us/
Mandarin DLIP - Northrup Elementary School https://www.northrupelementary.us/
Parent Commitment
Our DLIP programs are engaging, robust and rigorous.  Parental support and commitment to the development of biliteracy are essential building blocks of academic success.  
Our dual language community strives to build strong, mutually supportive relationships between the school and our parents/guardians are expected to:
- Positively support and encourage their child in the acquisition of the partner language;
- Positively and actively support their child in the development of his/her first language;
- Support their child's teacher/s and site administrators;
- Be a parent volunteer in support of the program;
- Commit to attending all DI parent workshops;
-  Be an advocate for biliteracy. 
Dual Immersion Schools:
For questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Lily Jarvis at [email protected] or 626-943-3540.