Find Moor Friends at Alhambra High School


In the interest of nurturing a growing culture of young, socially conscientious, and egalitarian leaders, Alhambra High School has founded Moor Friends, a new club devoted to establishing long lasting partnerships between all members of the student body. Moor Friends is dedicated to forging bonds that are based on a deep respect for the wealth of diversity within the human condition and a profound understanding of the nuances that inform each individual’s unique experience. A team of instructors that include Melissa Martinez, Jamie Peralta, and Peter Dodosh spearheads the club.  This triumvirate of advisers is assisted by the diligent leadership of Danielle Medina and Melody Hwang who are both Alhambra High School students and currently serve as the acting President and Vice President respectively.


“I am so proud to be the adviser of Moor Friends,” stated teacher Melissa Martinez. “To see how students on our campus come together and work as a team, be kind to one another, and show their commitment to the club every Thursday during lunch has really opened my eyes to how students at our school are so accepting of differences on our campus. As the adviser, it is the greatest feeling to see a line of over sixty-five students outside my door ready to sign in. Their dedication and hard work has created an environment that is conducive for learning and is filled with positive social interactions that benefit all students.”


During the weekly meetings, members work together on different activities and projects. The idea is to work on team building skills, to socialize with friends, and to be in an environment where the students can have fun and feel comfortable working together.  The group has received such a positive response from the entire student body, both from students and faculty alike.  


(Posted: 1/23/15)