Northrup Elementary Benefits From Yoobi Donation


On September 1st, Northrup Elementary students received a generous donation from Yoobi in collaboration with Bank of America in an effort to bolster their school supply inventory. Yoobi is an innovative company whose primary goal is to provide students with vibrantly colored supplies that trigger an enthusiasm to learn and creativity in the minds of young students. This company, whose motto is “one for you, one for me”, recognizes a growing problem in the United States where students don’t have access to school supplies unless teachers pay for them out of their own pocket. Yoobi and Bank of America recognized this very issue at Northrup elementary, and were able to donate $1000 worth of school supplies to TK-5th graders.


Yoobi CEO Ido Leffler and his promotional crew arrived on the Northrup campus early on the morning of September 1 where they were greeted by students, faculty, staff, district administrators and Board members in an introductory assembly. Principal Stacie Colman-Hsu thanked Yoobi for their dedication to the students in need and led her students in a choreographed thank you song for the work Yoobi has done. Leffler then took center stage to explain the students why Yoobi had come to Northrup and informed them that there was a special surprise coming their way. This sparked a buzz among the student body as they waited in anticipation for what was to come. The Yoobi crew had no choice but to hand out special stickers in order to temporarily satisfy the eager students.


It was then time for the main event: the unboxing of school supplies for all TK-5th graders. The Yoobi team visited each classroom individually where they allowed students to open the boxes as a group to see their upgraded materials, which included pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, coloring books and more. Students were ecstatic as they tried out all of their new supplies and interacted with the Yoobi team. Leffler then thanked all the teachers for the hard work they put in for the students and reassured the students that none of it would have been possible without an unwavering commitment to student success that Northrup has continuously proven.