Garfield Hosts Welcome Back Picnic

Garfield School is off to fast and exciting start to the new school year with a new goal in mind: to create a closer connection between students, parents, faculty and staff. On August 19th, the school held a Welcome Back Family Picnic for all to attend. This event was created by teacher Katie Livadary along with a group of parents who felt more community involvement in the school would be beneficial to the educational and social experience of the students.

The picnic took place in the school quad, which was filled with students, parents, and teachers, seated on beach chairs and blankets as they enjoyed a communal meal. It was a wonderful opportunity for families to connect with each other as well as meet the new principal Dr. Stephanie Richardson, who also wants to bond with the families of Garfield. In addition to the amicable eating and mingling, there was also dancing amongst the students made possible by the superb DJ entertainment provided by parent Christopher Mundy. Both students and parents were able to enjoy a day with familiar friends as well as build new relationships with the Garfield community. The event was memorialized as families took their photos in the family photo booth. As the evening wound to a close, many families expressed gratitude for the event and conveyed excitement about future family events. Garfield looks forward to many more engaging family events this year in order to continue to foster a tight knit feel for both students and families.