Fremont Dual Immersion Students Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Fremont Elementary Dual Immersion TK-K students, in collaboration with traditional TK-K students, put on a performance in front of the school and community to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. As part of the newly adopted dual immersion program, students in this program not only learn basic curriculum in two different languages, they also learn the history and heritage of the country from which that language came from.


On September 16th, students came to school dressed up in creative cultural costumes and organized in front of the entire student body in addition to parents and members of the community. Superintendent Laura Tellez-Gagliano was also in attendance, along with numerous district administrators. After a brief introduction by Principal Ignacio Muniz, students began their choreographed routine where they sang songs in Spanish, waving flags as the audience applauded them. Students also shared with the audience how Mexican Independence day is celebrated by many other Latin American countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, EL Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, making this an important day in the Latin American culture as a whole. It is a celebration of the histories, cultures and contributions that Latin Americans brought over to the United States. AUSD celebrates this cultural integration due to the fact that much its student population are of the Latin American heritage, adding unique diversity to the district.