Fremont Holds Dual Immersion Workshop

Fremont held it's first Dual Immersion workshop on Tuesday, November 1st.  The workshop was well attended by Dual Immersion parents who were eager to become more familiar with the new language program.  Dual Immersion teachers, Mrs. Patricia Simental-Diaz, Alejandra Colon, and Nidia Urena, presented on a couple main topics that they found were of utmost importance to the development of dual immersion students.


The first topic was the importance of home reading in English for Dual Immersion Spanish Students. The presenters emphasized how advocating second language learners read outside the classroom, particularly at home, can greatly speed up the learning process for the young students. Teachers also emphasized that reading does not necessarily need to come from books; it can come from magazines, TV, street signs and many other forms of written language. This will have a positive effect on student learning because they will be practicing their reading without being turned off by the monotony of books. Home reading will allow students to have a greater understanding of the transference of concepts between languages, which will lessen confusion once back into the classroom, creating a more efficient learning environment.


The other main message that was presented to dual immersion families is to not underestimate the benefits of storytelling at home. When learning a new language, oral practice is just as important as reading. Parents were encouraged to engage their children in telling rich, interesting stories in English in order to capture their attention and create a sense of enthusiasm for learning a new language.


At the conclusion of the workshop parents participated in a parent/child storytelling activity so that parents could get a feel for the type of home assistance that they can give their children. Parents of Dual Immersion students will receive ongoing monthly support through parent workshops.  If you are a parent with a child soon to begin TK or Kindergarten for the 2017-18 school year, contact Fremont Elementary for Dual Immersion Informational meetings and classroom tours.  Check out the school's website at