Marguerita School Carnival Creates Community Connections

-Aimi Kim, Joanna Ojeda, Minh Vo, Sebastian Chen


On October 21st, Marguerita Elementary School kept true to its tradition of their annual fall carnival. Parents, teachers, and students participated in setting up, creating games, and operating the booths. This event allowed the school to raise funds, but more importantly, provided many great opportunities for the community to come together.

Carnival booths included spin art, goldfish toss, and a DJ booth, which was put together by the students of Marguerita’s Stage Crew. One of the most popular amongst the crowds was the jail booth, run by the eighth graders at Marguerita. This booth brought attention to eager students who were looking to “throw their teachers into jail.” Students were eager and could not pass up the opportunity, perhaps as payback for all the homework they have done throughout the school year. Another standout feature that attracted visitors was the confetti egg and water balloon booth, which provided many laughs.

Most booths benefited all players and made it so that everyone was a winner. Even if they had lost, they still won a prize for their effort and participation. These were all traditional games in which were created and run by teachers, students, and parent volunteers looking to help their local community. The carnival was a huge success, attracting those who wanted to support Marguerita School as well as enjoying a memorable experience doing so. Parents and students alike had either come to help out or simply enjoy the entertaining activities. “We are so very appreciative of the support of students, parents, community members, and staff members in making this fall carnival a fun and successful event,” assistant principal Dr. Leann Huang said. “We hope to see everyone again next year.”