Granada Parent Workshop Proves to be Informative

This fall, Granada Elementary hosted its first Parent Workshop event in an effort to inform parents of the academic programs, school policies and protocols that are being implemented on a daily basis. Parents arrived early on the morning of Saturday, October 22nd as they gathered for coffee and refreshments in the cafeteria, where they were able to familiarize themselves with other parents, teachers and other faculty members of Granada. After this brief period of lighthearted socializing, parents then split off to begin the workshop.


This event was structured so that each classroom had teachers presenting for about one hour on a specific topic, designed for specific grade levels. One topic that stood out was “How To Do School,” which was presented by Anabel Enriquez and Teresa Kim. In this session, the presenters had an open discussion with 4th and 5th grade parents and students about the importance of organizational skills and how it directly relates to academic success. Both teachers spent time demonstrating how to properly organize school binders and planners so that confusion about homework and assignments is eliminated. They also discussed the importance of developing good study skills, noting that it should be a daily process rather than a chaotic, single night of test preparation.


Another highlight of the event was the portion on Common Core Math. It is widely known that developing an exceptional understanding of mathematical concepts is critical at the elementary and middle school level and that it requires continuous practice and homework. During this one hour period, teacher Judy Ngo presented to 4th-8th grade parents on the concepts and benchmarks that Common Core Math requires for each grade level, including some basic algebraic and geometrical concepts. Through this demonstration, parents gained an understanding of the same concepts their children are learning on a day to day basis, which will allow them to better help them with homework and assist them in preparing for tests. This session was also a good opportunity for parents to learn about the goals of Common Core Math and what is expected of their child by the time they reach high school.


Other topics that were covered during the workshop were Introduction to SBAC, School safety and Emergency Procedures, Deaf Awareness/Assistive Technology, Navigation of School Website and Home Based Communication/Visual Behavioral Modification, Life Skills. Parents came away will a greater understanding of the daily instruction that students are receiving and learned several skills that will allow them to assist their children effectively.