AUSD Mentoring For Future Success

In an effort to uphold AUSD’s strong management staff, the district is now providing new and potential administrators with a mentoring service in order to foster highly qualified and well-prepared administrators. Alhambra Unified School District’s Administrator Understanding Support and Development Program, is an extension of the district’s existing Induction Program, which assists teachers in clearing their preliminary credentials. Through this expansion, AUSD will now mentor all new administrators in new positions with preliminary credentials and provide an opportunity for aspiring administrators to receive support as well.


This program is a response to some of the unique demands and focuses of the district, and the coaching will come from current district administrators and staff. One of the challenges the district is facing is that over the next five years, the district is anticipating the retirement of 20% of the current management staff, which is why it is necessary that future administrators be well equipped to take on management roles. Furthermore, AUSD is one of the few districts that have a K-8 elementary setting with no middle schools. This unusual school system makes it essential that the mentoring come from within the district and from administrators who have dealt with issues specific to AUSD schools.


This past November, members of the program participated in the Association of California Administrators Leadership Summit Conference in San Diego. For three days, AUSD current and new administrators gathered with fellow educators of all levels to take part in a series of networking and developmental activities. There were various keynote speakers and luncheons aimed at further developing strong leaders. The attendees left the event with experiences that will allow them to become formidable administrators that will ensure the success of all students and staff.