Emery Park School Begins Second Year of VEX Robotics

This fall, Emery Park School hosted its first VEX Robotics showcase of the year. This event marked the second year of the robotics program at Emery Park. The VEX Robotics Design System offers students an engaging platform for students to apply what they have learned in science and math (STEM) classes to actual projects. The experiences that are gained through this program creates opportunities for students to explore careers in engineering and technology. Attendees of the showcase included parents, students, Robotics teachers Amber Pham Huerta, Melanie Wong, and Principal Jeremy Infranca.


For nine weeks prior to the showcase, students worked on building functional, remote controlled robots. Mrs. Huerta and Ms. Wong guided the students step by step, through the process of construction, planning and facilitating the robots that would be used for competition.


During the showcase, students worked in pairs, competing against an opposing group. The object of the competition was to see which team could navigate their robot through a course with plastic balls scattered about. One student had to strategically move the robot, grab a ball with the lever and guiding arm and then place on their opponent side of the “battlefield.” The other student was responsible for troubleshooting any mechanical malfunction.


Each group displayed sheer confidence in their skills as they performed in front of a highly impressed audience. Students quickly confronted any adversity that came their way seamlessly, showing their commitment and preparedness. Emery Park is very proud of this program, so evidenced by the congratulatory remarks of the teachers, and Principal Infranca. The event concluded with commemorative certificates, and pictures. Emery Park will continue offering VEX for three more nine week sessions during the school year.