Ramona Welcomes Families to Literacy Night

Ramona Elementary School hosted its annual Family Literacy Night where all TK-5 students and parents were invited on campus for a productive and enjoyable family event. The event began with all attendees gathered in the school auditorium where they were brought up to speed on the current practices and teaching strategies that are utilized by Ramona teachers to ensure that all children are learning the key foundational literacy skills. After this discussion, parents and their children were invited to the individual grade level classrooms where they were taught first-hand how they can work with and reinforce these teaching strategies at home with their children in order to provide the best opportunity for their student’s success. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the sample activities that they engaged in with their children while simultaneously building a better relationship with teachers.

The event culminated in the school’s cafeteria where each child had the chance to select and take home a book of their choice to enjoy with their parents while continuing to implement the foundational literacy skills that they work on during the school day. Ramona Elementary will be holding a similar event, Family Math Night, focusing on math concepts for students and their families in TK-3 on Thursday, February 23rd.