Repetto Participates in Hour of Code

Ms. Zhou’s Special Day Class at Repetto School recently took part in a widespread educational movement in the American school system. Her students, along with 304,239,182 students of all ages internationally, participated in an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week.

The Hour of Code is a global technological movement in which tens of millions of students in 180+ countries, speaking 45 different languages participate in. In a world where technology is changing the way the world operates, computer science has reached the forefront of foundational learning. With this shift to technological importance within the school system, Computer science is experiencing record growth in schools like Repetto and many others throughout the world. The Hour of Code is an inspiring introduction to this crucial 21st century skill that becomes essential for every field of study, for individual opportunity and national growth. Hour of code also promotes the sharpening of problem solving skills and creativity, which extends far beyond the classroom in each student’s daily life.

With help and support from District Tech Specialist and school administrations, students from Ms. Zhou’s class excelled in their one hour of coding. Students were excited to learn the concept of looping and writing lines of codes to translate a picture program into a live-action. Repetto will continue to emphasize the importance of technological competence and looks forward to implementing Hour of Code in the upcoming years.