MKHS Zero Robotics Club Places at international Robotics Competition

Mark Keppel's Zero Robotics Club team's alliance, the Keppler Hubble Heroes, recently placed 6th out of 28 alliances in the International Zero Robotics competition. Zero Robotics is an annual international programming competition in which schools from around the world compete in writing code for satellites called SPHERES. The teams then form alliances with other groups and the highest-ranking alliances are granted the honor of having their codes transmitted to the International Space Station (ISS) where their codes are run on the actual physical SPHERES. The competition is divided into four phases: the 2D phase, the 3D phase, the Alliance phase, and the ISS Final/Virtual Final, with the Virtual finals being open to teams that do not make it to the ISS finals. The objective of this year's competition was to program the SPHERES to dock with virtual items scattered throughout the game space and place them in an assembly zone, the location of which can only be determined through the placement of satellite positioning systems. Items placed in a team's designated zone generate points for that team and the team with the highest score at the end of the three-minute round wins.


MKHS Robotics places 13th out of 144 with its alliances being Team Hubble from Italy and Team heRObotics from Romania. Due to this success, the club qualified to move on to the ISS Final where the code was transmitted to and run on the International Space Station. This was only possible through the hard work and dedication of our most active members Douglas Chin, Kevin Kuramoto, Bonnie Woo, Mohamad Elmossawi and Raymond Tran, who spent countless hours perfecting their work in an effort to uphold MKHS’ Robotics prestigious reputation.