Repetto Introduces Parent Technology Workshop Series

This year, Repetto School has incorporated Parent Technology Workshop into their parent partnership component. At a recent Local Control Accountability Program (LCAP) meeting, parents came forward and expressed a common desire to become more accustomed with computer programs and apps that students are learning during the school day. In response to this request, Repetto’s leadership cadre collaborated to consider a possible plan to meet the parents’ requests and needs. The leadership group decided to establish a technology workshop series to not only get parents up to speed on the current climate of technology based learning but also to understand the concepts and reasoning behind this style of learning.

The process begins with a volunteer teacher opening the workshop by delivering an introductory presentation of the technological program or app. Each student is paired with an adult participant. After the teacher presents the program or application, the student then becomes the teacher and teaches the program to the parent that he/she is paired with. Following instruction, the parent will put their newly acquired skills to the test and navigate the program themselves. The six Parent Technology Workshops include Coding, Ten Marks, Keyboarding without Tears, the Google Classroom, Parent Portal/Cyber Safety, and Robotics. Repetto hopes that this workshop will give parents a better understanding of the style of learning their children are experiencing during the school day and the role of technology in their children’s academic future.