Repetto Students Enjoy Newly Reopened Library

Since it’s reopening after several years, students at Repetto Elementary School have had the opportunity to enjoy their library once again this year. The library is now open three days a week and classes have enjoyed browsing the shelves and checking out new books on a weekly basis as a class or during recess on their own.

To commemorate the library’s reopening, The San Marino Rotary Club presented Repetto with a donation of $1,000 in Scholastic books. The books donated included a wide range of genres for grades K-8. Some of the most popular Scholastic collections among students included Great Nonfiction for grades 2-3. Other collections of high interest that were donated are Girls’ and Boys’ Pick for grades 3-8, Award Winners and Mystery collections.


To show their gratitude, Ms. Freng’s first grade class hosted Rotary members for a brief assembly in the school library, thanking them for their generosity. To promote good reading habits, Ms. Freng has made time for weekly visits to the library every Tuesday for story time and time for students to check out new books. When their weekly library visit is over, Ms. Freng tells her students to “hug your books” to make them realize how lucky they are to have brand new books at their disposal. Students at Repetto are more grateful than ever for their library and will continue to expand their knowledge through their excitement for reading.