SGHS Host AUSD’s 1st Annual Robotics Competition

AUSD’s 1st annual Robotics Challenge was hosted by San Gabriel High School's Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement academic club on Saturday, April 10.  This district-wide event was created to promote STEM learning and spark some friendly competitiveness between the schools. 


Students used their experience in engineering design to create and construct a dynamic robot to carry out specific tasks against similar robots constructed by teams from the other AUSD high schools. The competitions were based around robots having the ability to pick up small balls and place them precisiely in designated locations within a specific time limit. Not only were students tasked with programming the robots correctly, they also had to communicate their STEM concepts through academic poster displays. These posters described how the concepts they learn in the classroom gave them the knowledge necessary to customize their robot and make it ready for competition.


The competition consisted of five teams consisting of HS-students and one team from the AUSD TIS office. Taking 1st Place was Peter Chavez, Henry Do, Kevin Lam, Kenneth Nguyen, and Angel Licea, the 2nd Place team was Abel Sotelo, Julian Gonzalez, Eric Avina, Aryanna Palomares and 3rd Place was Valerie Montelon, Jocelyn Montelon, Jasemine Chan, Alyssa Bao, and Angela Rodriguez. This event not only brought together the best and brightest engineering students of AUSD, it also brought a sense of competitiveness between the schools, which will continue to elevate the district’s overall Robotics aptitude.