Career Day at Marguerita Elementary School By Minh Vo (8th grade student)

          Marguerita Elementary School kicked off the spring season with its annual Career Day. On April 7, 2017, inspirational speakers ranging from varying professions took time off from their busy schedules to take part in the event. One of the speakers was Lieutenant Russell McMillan from the Air Force Reserve. He presented his career in the Air Force Reserve to a group of elementary grade students. The students were intrigued by what he had to say and were eager to participate in activities with him.

          He shared with the students how to properly march and even motivated them to join him in a march around the yard. The students as well as their teachers all paid close attention as Lieutenant McMillan demonstrated some of his training. He spoke of his job as a public affairs officer and the responsibilities that came along with it.

Besides being engaged with Lieutenant McMillan, students also gladly welcomed presentations from Mr. Jason Early (sales & data engineer), Mr. Michael Au (architect), Mr. Enayet Miah (LADWP), Walter Caldwell (Career Coach), Colleen MacKing (Wildlife Educator), Mr. Ian Dale (Artist), Mt. Adam Serrano (Reptile Breeder), Mr. Jesse Chang (Urban Gardener), and Mr. Kevin Debruin (systems engineer).  27 year old Mr. Debruin who is a NASA systems Engineer, was the guest note speaker to the 6th - 8th grade students. He told students of his childhood ambition of wanting to be an aerospace engineer, took high school and college courses towards his goal, worked as an intern with NASA langley Research Center in Hampton, VA  after 150+ applications, did his Masters in Aerospace Engineering and graduated without a job.  He had to prove to NASA  his value.  He took a 10-week internship with NASA-JPL and was offered the position as a Systems Engineer in JPL on the last day of his internship.  His underlying message to Marguerita students is to carve and chase after their dreams, work hard, prove their worth, and never give up.

It was a memorable day for Marguerita.  On behalf of Marguerita Elementary School, we thank all the presenters who took time off their busy schedules to empower our students with a glimpse of the real world.