Emery Park Hosts Family Math Night

Emery Park recently hosted its on campus 3rd grade family math night, open to all 3rd grade students and parents. This annual event, which is organized by teachers and school staff, is a rare chance where students, teachers and parents get together and play a number of family friendly games and promote a positive learning environment for students. It is also is intended to familiarize parents on the concepts students are learning in the classroom so that they have the ability to assist their children when doing homework or studying for tests.


Teachers were each assigned to a table where they administered games to a group of families. These games were based off of math concepts being taught in class such as fractions, multiplication division, addition and subtraction. One of the more popular games played was Multiplication War. In this game, participants spread dominoes on the table face down. On the count of three, they flip the dominoes over, multiply the dots on one side by the dots on the other and the player with the highest sum wins. Another game, Pig, required players to roll dice, add the sum of the two after every turn and the first one to one hundred without going over wins. After each game played, students received a sticker and moved on to the next game until they completed each game.


After each family had a chance to play every game, students received medals for their participation and were welcomed to enjoy some delicious refreshments with their parents. Nearly every 3rd grade family attended the event, making it a great opportunity for families to interact with each other and the teachers who work tirelessly to provide the best education for their students.