English Learners Make Significant Strides During Summer School Program

This June, the AUSD welcomed nearly 1,200 English Learners into the summer school program, ranging from grades TK through 12 and held across 6 sites in the District.  In an effort to mold talented, well-rounded students, TK -3rd graders were introduced to the Lit Camp program from Scholastic, worked with Science themed books and connected their learning to the United Nations Sustainable Goals - Seventeen Goals to Transform Our World. AUSD Director of English Language Development, Jim Schofield commented, "This summer, we not only wanted our students to work towards proficiency in English, but also to see how they fit in as citizens on our planet." In order to achieve this goal, a team of AUSD teachers worked together to create a highly detailed curriculum plan for the twenty-day program. 


Students in grades TK - 8 utilized Imagine Learning and Big Brainz for math, which helped them work towards proficiency in both English and Mathematics.  These are both online programs that allow the students to work on their skills and are available on any Internet connected device. Imagine Learning has allowed the students who participated in summer school to continue using their programs for the duration of the summer, allowing them to further their knowledge on their own time while not in the classroom.


First and second year English Learners at the high schools participated in a five week summer school program where they worked on developing their California State English Language Development Standards.  These students also had access to the online program Achieve 3000 and developed their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking though Reader's Theatre.


One of AUSD's highest priorities for both summer school and the standard school year is teaching all of its English Learners become proficient in English in both the spoken and written word. In order to achieve this, LCAP funds from Goal 2 were used to support the summer program for the TK-3 grade program.  Title III funds were used to support students in grades 4 - 12.