New Administration Leads The Way for AUSD in 2017

As AUSD begins the 2017-2018 school year, some new faces will take on important administrative roles throughout the district at all levels. At the elementary level, there are four schools with Principal changes. Dr. Rosa Northcott will move from Alhambra High School Assistant Principal to Principal at Northrup Elementary, Stacie Colman-Hsu will move from Northrup Principal to Principal at Ynez, Carin Gasca will transition from AP at Park to Principal at Repetto and Amy Rush will move from the District Office to Principal at Baldwin.


Additionally, there are eight new elementary and high school Assistant Principals, nine elementary and high schools APs in new locations, three Supervisors/Coordinators in new assignments and five changes in the executive cabinet, including new Superintendent Denise Jaramillo. AUSD has also hired fifty new teachers this year, adding to the turnover in schools throughout AUSD.


All things considered, there are 31 total management changes throughout the district, which accounts for 43% of the entire management team. The majority of these changes can be attributed to retirement, which is a trend that the district has prepared for through management training programs in recent years. AUSD is excited about all of its new transactions and acquisitions and is poised for another successful school year under a new era of talented educators.