AUSD Citizens Oversight Committee Members Needed

AUSD is seeking individuals to serve on the Citizens Oversight Committee for the upcoming implementation of the district’s Measure AE and Measure HS school bonds, which was passed last November.


After being voted in favor for by AUSD stakeholders, Measure AE was granted in the amount of $110 million and will be used to update repair, and build new structures on AUSD’s elementary schools. Measure HS is a $149 million dollar bond and will be implemented throughout the district’s high schools.


The main responsibilities of this committee will be as follows: to inform the public concerning the district’s expenditure of bond of bond proceeds, review expenditure reports produced by the district to ensure the proceeds were used only for the purposes of the bonds, and present the Board an annual written report updating the activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of the bonds.


Under state law, the AUSD Board of education will handle e all committee appointments, concluding in at least seven total members. Based on Prop 39, one member must be a parent of a child in the district, one must be both a parent of a child in the district and an active member in a parent-teacher organization such as PTA, on must be active in a business organization representing the business community located in the district, one must be an active member in a senior citizen organization, one member must be active in a taxpayers association, and two members must be members of the community at-large. Each initially appointed member appointed will be required to serve a two year term while other appointments will be required to serve a one year term, but will be up for reappointment by the Board for a second and third two year term.


Applications for a position on the committee are available on the district website and are accompanied with all Bylaws which will provide applicants with additional information. The deadline for applications is no later than 4:30 p.m. on October 20, 2017. All applications should be sent to the AUSD Superintendents office.