Fremont Participates in Walk to School Day

On October 4th, Fremont School students, parents, and staff participated in National Walk to School Day along with hundreds of schools across the country.  Approximately two hundred Fremont students met at the CVS parking area on Elm and Valley at 7:00 am, where Principal Ignacio Muniz and the Alhambra Fire Department welcomed them. Fremont faculty and the members of the Fire Department escorted the Fremont participants on their short journey to the campus. During the event, firefighters took the time to promote safety by demonstrating skills such as how to walk in designated areas and always looking both ways before crossing a street. In addition to the prioritization of safety, both students and parents enjoyed their opportunity to engage in conversation with firefighters as they walked together as a community. Students were eager to ask questions and learn more about the role of firefighters in the community.


In addition to practicing safe walking, another major benefit of this event is that it introduces a healthy routine for students to adopt. Walking to school provides a consistent method for students to get their much-needed daily exercise and will hopefully set a standard of physical activity that students become accustomed to throughout their life.


Although a simple walk to school can seem like a rather simple activity, Fremont Elementary sees it as an important opportunity for teachers, parents, students and city officials to come together as a community and participate in a constructive activity that students parents and teachers can all benefit from.