Emery Park Welcomes Foreign Student Ambassadors

Last month, Emery Park elementary received a special visit from a group of Australian Student Ambassadors. Aussies Amelia Thompson, Nicholas Eglin, Emily Hopcroft, Samantha Burgmann, Amber Fradd and Megan Bennett made the long journey from their homeland to immerse themselves into American culture and learn about different aspects of the country including education, business and social customs.


The event began with an assembly in the school quad, where the visitors introduced themselves to the student body and school staff. After a welcoming ovation, the guests split up and made their way to individual classrooms, starting with grades K-5. Students were treated to a brief slideshow describing some basic facts about Australia such where the country is located and the nations flag. After the slideshow, students were given the chance to ask the visitors questions to learn more about Australian lifestyle and identify the key differences between the two countries.


The exchange students then moved on to the auditorium where they met as a group to address the 6th-th graders. As a group, they presented the slideshow as they communicated to their peers their purpose for coming to America and how their experience had been so far. The Q&A portion provided both groups of students to further compare and contrast the American and Australian experience, as topics such as government, education, language sports and leisure activities were discussed.


Before parting ways, the Australians were invited to join teachers and students in the library for a meet and greet where they enjoyed refreshments and were presented with an informative slideshow on Dia Los Muertos. They were also given special gift bags, which included lanyards, Day of the Dead candles and an informational booklet. After many pictures were taken, the Australian student ambassadors were sent off with lunch to go and well wishes from Emery Park staff, teachers and students.