SGHS Medical Careers Academy CERT Graduation


On November 6, San Gabriel High School’s Medical Careers Academy Seniors participated in a field trip to the Alhambra Fire Department’s Training Facility to demonstrate the skills that they learned from their eight-session Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program with the Alhambra Fire Department. The CERT was established to provide students with the skills to survive a disaster and provide community assistance until emergency agencies arrive. During the field trip, students were able to test their newly acquired skills through hands-on simulations with the support and expertise of the Alhambra Fire Department.


During the eight-session program, students learned about emergency preparedness, CPR, first aid, communication skills, and teamwork. At the start of the day, students reviewed expectations and the content of their training with Captain Galvan before meeting with their teams to devise a plan for each of their simulation stations, which were Search and Rescue, Heavy Lifting, Splinting, Bandaging, CPR and Fire Control. After mapping out their plan of attack for each task, students sprung into action and showed off abilities such as locating victims, shutting off gas valves, extricating victims from fallen materials, practicing CPR and extinguishing a fire. After completing each of the stations, students evaluated their progress and skills.


The field trip concluded with a graduation ceremony and lunch that celebrated the students’ completion of the CERT program. When asked about the importance of CERT, senior Lillian Ngo explained, “I learned a new set of skills that I could rely on in the long run. In case something happens, I can depend on myself and others can hopefully depend on me.”


San Gabriel High School’s Medical Careers Academy thanks the Alhambra Fire Department, San Gabriel High School and Alhambra Unified School District for making this opportunity possible.