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Instructional Coaches

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AUSD Cognitive Coaches will empower teachers to equitably impact learning for all students

What is an instructional coach?
Instructional coaches are educational leaders that train teachers and staff, provide resources, feedback, modeling and professional development to help schools meet instructional goals and school improvement goals.  Coaching is an avenue that can provide teachers with the support they need by embedding professional development into the coaching process.  Instructional Coaches in AUSD are an integral part of our MTSS process as they provide the expertise and skill needed to offer academic, behavioral and social-emotional, in class supports to help our students demonstrating an opportunity gap or students demonstrating a need to be challenged.  
Meet the AUSD Instructional Coach Team
Site Coach
Baldwin David Byer
Brightwood Van Duong
Emery Park Anne Luong
Fremont Monica Gonzalez
Fremont DI Patricia Diaz
Garfield Debora Palafox-Perry
Granada Mara Reyes
Marguerita TBD
M Highlands Calvin Ly
Northrup May Lee
Northrup DI Christine Tsai
Park Myriame Steep
Ramona Denise DiConti
Repetto Melissa Vu
Ynez Jennifer Huang
To learn more about how our AUSD Instructional Coaches can support you or your child, view the handbook below or contact your school's coach by calling the school's office.
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