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Student Success Team (SST)

Dr. Wendy Molina-Solis, Director of MTSS
Kimberly Carrillo, Executive Secretary
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The student success team will work with families and school staff to develop an educational support system

that promotes academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success for at-promise students.

SST Purpose:

The Student Success Team (SST) is a solution oriented general education process whose purpose is to involve all involved parties in providing an equitable, positive, problem-solving approach to assist students, families and teachers in developing effective solutions, identify instructional strategies, interventions and/or supports that may resolve or alleviate academic, behavioral, and/or social-emotional needs.  The SST process may lead to a continuum of educational programming and services for maximizing student success within the school environment.


The goal of AUSD's Student Success Team (SST) is to provide equity as well as a uniform system across all our schools where we monitor student academic, behavioral and social-emotional performance with the intent of ensuring students' needs are addressed.  The SST is a system within MTSS and as such, is a function of the general education program which provides a systematic method to evaluate the effectiveness of school-wide Tier I instruction, including Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).
The SST allows for school personnel, along with parents and guardians, to collaboratively meet and develop a plan to close the opportunity gaps some of our students might be demonstrating.  It is a whole child approach in developing a plan to support our students with identified needs. 
The SST is one of the vital components of the whole Multi Tiered Systems of Support.  If you would like to learn more about SSTs in California, click on the following link:
Typical SST Members:
  • Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Intervention Advisor/Counselor
  • Instructional Specialist/Coach
  • Others only as needed (nurse, RST, SLP, Psych, Behaviorist)
  • In older grades, student
If you believe your child may benefit from an SST, call your school site administrator to schedule a meeting.

"You don't have equity in conditions in which all students are receiving the same amount of support, you are getting equity if you have a situation in which every student is getting the amount of support he/she needs to be successful.” 

Robert Smith,  Author Harvard Education Press

Former Superintendent Arlington, VA

Counselors / Student Study Team (SST)
Thank you to the SST District Committee comprised of teachers, counselors, psychologists, site and district administrators for their dedication in establishing a consistent process of equity in all our schools.