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You live within the Alhambra Unified School District boundaries and you wish to attend a school in the Alhambra Unified School District that is not your school of residence:

1.  An INTRAdistrict Permit form can be printed from this website or obtained from the school or District Office.

2.  The form is returned to the school of residence.  Pay particular attention to the documentation required for each specified reason on the back of the form.  The form must be complete and the documentation attached.

3.  The Principal at the school of residence may meet with the family to discuss the reasons for the request.  The Principal at the school of residence signs the permit and makes it available to the parent.

4.  The parent takes the permit to the requested school.  The Principal of the requested school makes a determination about approval based on space available, grades, attendance and behavior.  The Principal of the requested school approves or denies the request, signs the permit and contacts the parent.  Continuation of the permit is based on good attendance, good grades, good behavior, space availability and a continued effort on the part of the parent or guardian to cooperate with school/district officials.


To request enrollment at an Alhambra Unified school when you live outside the district:

1.  You must first obtain a release from your school district of residence.

2.  Attach this release to the INTERdistrict permit application and deliver it to the requested school.  Be sure to attach the latest report card.  The report card should contain information on attendance and behavior in addition to academic information.

3.  The Principal of the requested school will make a determination to approve or deny the request and contact the family.  Note that space available, good grades, good attendance, good behavior and a continued effort on the part of the parent or guardian to cooperate with school/district officials are conditions to receive or continue a permit.


You live within the boundaries of the Alhambra Unified School District, but you wish to attend a school outside the Alhambra Unified School District:

1.  An INTERdistrict Permit form can be printed from this website.  This form doubles as a release request.

2.  Elementary Schools – the form is returned to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services 1515 W. Mission Road, Alhambra, CA  Phone 626-943-3400

     High Schools – the form is initially returned to your school of residence

3.  The form must be filled out completely with special attention given to the documents required for each reason.


Permit Approval Schedule

Principals usually approve permit requests and releases for the following year before the close of the current school year.  Requests received after the close of school will be approved during the summer, prior to the opening of the following school year.


Open Enrollment Act (SBX5 4)

The Superintendent of Public Instruction publishes a list of Open Enrollment Act schools yearly.  Alhambra has no schools on this list. Parents wishing to transfer to an Alhambra Unified School District school from a different district under Choice can access the application below, or by calling (626) 943-3400. The window is currently during the month of May.

Open Enrollment Application Form

Choice Permits

The district yearly identifies schools that may have space available for additional students.  Currently, there are no schools identified with available space.


Program Improvement

If a school is designated a Program Improvement School parents are notified through a letter from the school Principal.  The letter designates the school(s) to which the student may transfer, and gives parents the information they need to request such a transfer. The schools receiving AUSD students who wish to transfer under the guidelines of this option ​for the 2014/2015 school year are Park Elementary and Baldwin Elementary.


Attendance Transfers

Transfers for reasons pursuant to EC46600 or EC35160 require extended documentation and should be discussed with the Principal of the school of residence.  Transfers may result from a District Behavior Contract, SART, SARB or disciplinary action.


PDF of INTRAdistrict form




PDF of INTERdistrict form




Board Policies BP 5117 

Board Policies AR 5117

Attendance Laws