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Alternative Income Form - PLEASE COMPLETE BY SEPTEMBER 26TH!

Please complete the Alternate Income Form (AIF) to help AUSD and each school site receive additional funding allocations. Families can benefit by filling out the form, which can also determine eligibility for free/reduced college application fees, free/reduced AP exam fees, discounted home utilities and CalFresh program. Your child's school and classroom can also receive incentives when you sign up. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE for more information as well as step-by-step directions about how to complete the form through the Parent Portal. There are only THREE QUESTIONS, so please take one minute and complete the information!

Staff Report Questions for September 27th

On Tuesday (September 27th), the AUSD Board of Education will hold a Special Board Meeting. There will only be one agenda item at this meeting because the Board will be receiving a staff report that focuses solely on STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT DATA. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE if you would like to submit a question regarding this topic. This form will close on Monday, September 26th at noon.

Back-to-School Nights

CLICK ON THE HEADLINE to download a list of AUSD Back-to-School Nights. Check with your child's school (or the school's website) for more information. Please take the time out of your busy schedules to join Back-to-School Night and meet your child's teacher(s) and hear more about what they will learn this year! ***NOTE: All BTS Nights will be held in person, except for Independence HS (which will be held virtually).

Instagram Message Regarding SGHS

Please CLICK ON THE HEADLINE to download a letter regarding a recent Instagram post about San Gabriel High School. Although the post only mentioned SGHS, this letter was sent to the entire AUSD community in order to keep everyone informed. We are grateful to the Alhambra Police Department for moving quickly to address this incident. This situation underscores how invaluable "See Something; Say Something" is to school safety. (08/22 Update: Translations have been added here and sent by email.)

Questions for Next Staff Reports

Our next Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 13th. We have two staff reports on the agenda: (1) 2021-22 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report and (2) Overview of the District's Athletic Programs. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE if you would like to submit a question about either topic. (The form will close on Monday at noon. Questions will be used to guide the contents and discussion.)

FREE Adult / Parent Education Academy

The AHS Dream Center is excited to offer FREE Adult/Parent Education Academy classes on Thursday evenings, which will be held September 8th through December 15th. These classes will focus on English skill development and current community issues. Classes, dinner, and childcare will all be provided for FREE! CLICK ON THE HEADLINE to download a copy of the flyer with more details and the registration link (or reach the registration form directly at: Registrations will close by the end of August.
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