Department Overview
The Facilities Services (FS) department is essential to the Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) team.  FS supports the district and school site needs by managing, repairing, cleaning, and maintaining the structures, fields, and grounds to enable all students to achieve a higher level of success. The department is responsible for ensuring a clean, safe, and functional learning environment for thirteen K-8 elementary schools, three high schools, two special education schools, and the District Office.
Mission Statement
The FS mission is to provide a clean, safe, and functional learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors in the school district. FS is committed to ensuring that all District facilities are functioning at optimal levels and are able to meet the evolving needs of the educational community. FS values teamwork, courtesy, professionalism, and respect. The department supports the District's mission of ensuring all students succeed. 
Our goal is to enhance the educational experience of AUSD students by providing a physical environment that is conducive to learning and personal growth. This can only be accomplished through efficient, timely, and economical maintenance of facilities and grounds.
Core Values
The Facilities Department upholds the achievement of our mission and values. The following core values identify the beliefs and behaviors that we commit to and that are reflected in all of our activities with the district community, including our staff, as well as with our public sector partners:

The practice of good manners, polite behavior, and amicable social conduct enables a harmonious working environment. 
Conduct oneself with responsibility, integrity, and accountability. Communicate effectively and appropriately with others while achieving a productive environment. 
Respect individual and professional needs by encouraging communication and an understanding of one
another's needs.
Use of ethical conduct, transparency, and fairness in managing FS priorities and methodologies.  
To strive for quality and excellence in the maintenance and delivery of our services.
Meet all District site needs and expectations in a timely and reliable manner. Hence, providing students and staff with the services needed to succeed. 
Responsible for the performance, quality results, and professionalism of the services provided. 
Strive to identify and achieve efficiencies creating a high level of excellence for our educational community.
AUSD students and staff benefit from FS utilizing teamwork and maintaining an effective working relationship with all educational partners. 
The highest level of stewardship is accomplished by supporting creativity and encouraging innovation from the staff at FS. 
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM
During Business Hours, please call (626)943-6500
After Business Hours, please call (626)943-6508