Mrs. Kaysa Moreno, Board Member

Professor Kaysa Moreno, 2023 Board Member


Alhambra Unified School District 

Board of Education Member since 2021

Elected November 2020 to serve a four-year term


An active AUSD parent and a professor of mathematics, Board of Education Vice President Kaysa Moreno also chairs the distance learning committee at El Camino College. She is the first in her family to graduate from college. 


Inspired by her mother, Moreno made education the engine of her childhood dreams. Later, her time as a volunteer tutor to vulnerable college students shaped Moreno’s passion for using the lens of equity to achieve whole student public school academic excellence for every student.


Invested personally in the success of Alhambra USD, Moreno is proudly raising her three children within the District. Her son is enrolled in the Spanish Dual Immersion Program at Fremont Elementary School; her two young daughters will follow in his footsteps. Moreno’s husband, Joshua Moreno, is a teacher at Alhambra High School.


In her role on the Board, Moreno taps into her educator’s expertise in student assessment and distance learning to examine existing gaps in learning that the pandemic brought into full view and exacerbated. Going forward, she is interested in the manifold possibilities for change at AUSD. 


As someone who reflects the cultural, economic, social, and racial diversity of the District, Moreno’s mission is to ensure that the diversities are seen as the true assets they are — and not viewed as deficits.  Moreno embraces the voices of parents, teachers, staff, and students and sees their active partnership and inclusion as essential to the process of designing equitable programs, policies and procedures for AUSD schools. The backbone of her approach is strengthening district-wide collaboration and forging creative relationships across the community, the county, and the state. 


Moreno is committed to expanding the resources of Gateway to Success, the AUSD flagship program focusing on the safety, social, and emotional wellbeing of students — all of which are foundational to academic success — and particularly vital after the traumas many students endured during the pandemic. Increasing the protocols and training for student mental wellbeing and helping families meet basic survival needs like food and shelter are a priority. 


Moreno is a member of the Fremont Elementary School PTA  and Los Amigos de Fremont Dual Immersion Booster Club, and serves as a Board representative to the joint use community committee for the city of Alhambra.


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