Mr. Robert L. Gin, Member

Bob Gin was born in the City of Los Angeles and was raised in the City of Monterey Park. He attended Brightwood Elementary School and graduated from Alhambra High School. He graduated from California State University of Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. He has recently retired from his work in 2006 and continues to be active in many civic activities.

Bob has resided in the City of Monterey Park for the last 48 years. He and his wife Diane have four daughters. His wife Diane is an educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District. All of his children attended Brightwood Elementary School, two graduated from Alhambra High and two from Mark Keppel High School. They all are currently or have attended four year colleges or universities.

Formerly the President of the Alhambra USD Board of Education, he asked the Superintendent to form a committee to look into the achievement gap of our school district in 2003. During his years on the Board, district schools have received many accolades: National Blue Ribbon, California Distinguished Schools, California Exemplary Technical Academic Award and Title 1 Academic Achieving School. In the last 2 years, the district has been able to focus on the Elementary Bond Project and hopefully will finish these projects in the 2006-2007 school year, 6 years after the community voters passed the bond. In 2004, the voters approved an $85 million high school bond to help build new classrooms for Mark Keppel High and finish other projects at Alhambra, San Gabriel High School and Century Continuation High School.

Bob’s vision, in his first few years in office, was to look into consolidating District operations, to be more efficient and cost effective. The District is in the process of consolidating all administrative and maintenance aspects of the District into one facility.

In 1973, Bob was asked to organize and put together teams for the first Dragon Boat race in Los Angeles at Echo Park. He continues to be involved with the planning of Lotus Festival to this day. He has served as President of the Lotus Festival Advisory Board for three years, while continuing to organize the boat races. In 1993, he established the Lotus Festival Scholarship, through Heritage Asian Pacific, Inc., for high school seniors who are planning to attend a four-year college or university.

Bob has served as President of the Alhambra PTA Council (3 years) and as PTA president of his children’s elementary school for 7 years and two years at high school. He has received the PTA Honorary Service Award at the elementary and Council level for service to the school and community. In 2002, he received the highest award that could be bestowed by the PTA, the Golden Oak Award, from Brightwood Elementary School PTA.

As the PTSA President at Mark Keppel High School, he led the effort to raise funds to refurnish and provided computers for the Carr College Center, and increase the scholarship budget from $1,000 to $3,000, provided funding for other activities that would benefit the whole school.

In 1969, he joined three other college students from UCLA and helped form Chinatown Teen Post in the Westside Plaza of Chinatown. He has been involved with organizing the Chinese New Year Festivities in Los Angeles Chinatown for 24 years. In 1979, Bob was asked to chair the Golden Dragon Parade, which he did for nine years. On February 16, 2002, he was honored to be one of three Honorary Grand Marshals for the L.A. Chinatown Golden Dragon Parade.

Affiliated Organizations:

  • California School Board Association: Delegate Assembly – Region 23A (2005 – Current) and Planning Committee for Conference (2005 – Current)
  • Asian Pacific Islander School Board Member Association, V.P. (2002 – Current)
  • Alhambra Education Foundation (2000 – Current)
  • L.A. Natural History Museum - Community Advisory Board (2004 – Current)
  • Civic Leadership Institute – Honorary Chair (2006)
  • Chinese American Education Association – Honorary Advisory Board
  • Pasadena Methodist Superintendent:Planning & Strategy Committee (2005 – Current)
  • Shepherd of Hills, United Methodist Church: Lay Speaker and Evangelism Committee
  • Lotus Festival – Advisory Board, Past President (3yrs) (1973 – Current)
  • Heritage Asian Pacific, Inc. (1977 – Current)
  • Mark Keppel High School PTSA, Past President (2Yrs) (2000 – Current)
  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
  • Chinese American Citizen Alliance San Gabriel Valley
  • Alhambra Council PTA, Past President (3yrs)
  • Alhambra High School PTA, Vice President (2yrs)
  • Brightwood PTA, Past President (7 yrs)
  • Monterey Park Democratic Club
  • United Democratic Club of the W.S.G.V.
  • Delegate for the 49th Assembly District Democratic Club


  • Boys & Girls Club of Monterey Park in Youth Educating Society
  • Cesar Chavez Walk-a-thon
  • Relvon Run/Walk – District team – Team Alhambra, AUSD

Served on the following Alhambra School District Committees:

  • Year Round School Committee
  • Uniformed Committee
  • Report Card Committee – Elementary School
  • Budget Review Committee - 2002